Bob Paulding

I enjoyed climbing trees as a kid and years later I still enjoy climbing. I love working outdoors in all the seasons and being involved in a business that not only involves serious physical activity and adventure, but also requires problem solving and creativity.  I appreciate the opportunity to meet so many good people and visit their unique Cape Cod places.

My Cape Cod roots go deep. I graduated from Boston University in 1977. I started doing tree work using climbing techniques I had been learning in outdoor education classes. I took formal arboricultural classes at the Arnold Arboretum, but also learned from watching others, attending seminars, reading, common sense, some trial and a little error. I became a Massachusetts Certified Arborist and returned to the Cape to work and raise our family.

Eventually I became a member of the Massachusetts Arborist Association, the International Society of Arboriculture, the Cape Cod Landscapers Association, the Society of Commercial Arboriculture, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce.  My involvement with these organizations keeps me on the “cutting edge” of new information and developments in the field.