50 Cool Things About Trees

by Bob Paulding ( with the help of his sons when Ben, was age 8 and Brian, was age 6 )

1. Trees look great
2. They never complain
3. There are so many different types of trees
4. They are so tall and have such good balance
5. Trees give us the woods to walk in
6. They give us telephone poles – also baseball bats
7. They give squirrels and birds a place to build their nests
8. They give monkeys a place to play
9. They give giraffes something to eat without having to bend over
10. They give us shade when it’s hot and sunny
11. Their leaves are the perfect color – green
12. They are many shades of green- have you noticed?
13. Their leaves turn such beautiful colors in the fall
14. Their leaves fall off and we can jump into piles of them
15. They make the best place for a tree hut
16. Trees are great to climb, but be careful
17. They make the world so green again when they leaf out after a long winter
18. You can make flagpoles from trees
19. Their bark has interesting textures
20. They provide us firewood to burn
21. They give us wood to build homes with, but we’d better replant another when we cut one down
22. Cats can scratch them
23. They make great gifts that you can watch grow and grow
24. They give us Christmas trees
25. There are so many different shapes of leaves
26. Trees make oxygen for us to breathe
27. They make acorns and other kinds of nuts
28. Sometimes trees have very pretty flowers
29. There are some trees that stay green all winter – thank goodness
30. Trees make fruit for us to eat
31. They make pine cones to decorate with
32. Maple syrup is made from maple tree sap
33. Trees make jungle gyms for squirrels
34. They make the world a prettier place – the world would be so flat without trees
35. Coconuts come from trees – so do avocados and mangoes
36. Trees make good resting spots for birds
37. You can name a tree; you can even talk or sing to it
38. There are some trees with white trunks: birches
39. They look cool blowing in the wind
40. Tree roots help keep soil form being washed away
41. Trees make it feel quieter
42. They make the soil richer when they die and rot away
43. You can hear trees in the wind
44. Trees grow SO big, but from such small seeds
45. Trees provide seeds for so many animals to eat – and it’s amazing that those seeds can make baby trees
46. They make their own food through photosynthesis – that’s a pretty good trick!
47. It’s neat that water goes straight up a tree’s trunk
48. It’s cool when you lie on your back under a tree and look up to the sky through its branches
49. Trees are alive … do you think they have feelings?
50. Trees make roads seem peaceful and fun to drive on

© 1994 Bob Paulding