Tree Services

Tree Removals –

Dead or dying trees should be removed for safety and to prevent insect and pathogens from infecting nearby trees. Protect your most valuable asset…your home. Check the Wind Deductible clause on your Homeowner’s Policy. If a tree damages your home, you could be forced to pay out of pocket.

Tree Pruning –

Trees are pruned to preserve and promote their health and appearance, to insure safety, to let more sunlight pass through, for building and line clearance and to give a property a more open, spacious feel. Shrubs are pruned to effect a neat, yet natural appearance.

Tree Stump Removal –

The stumps around your property can be unsightly mowing and tripping hazards – even if they’ve been cut nearly flush to the ground. We can quickly and inexpensively grind them out, leaving a neat appearance. Our lightweight machinery will not damage your lawn at all.

Underbrush Clearing –

Underbrush can be cleared for land utilization, for aesthetics, and to reduce the tick threat. We use Gravely brushcutters to mow down weedy, thorny underbrush, leaving an attractive mulched finish.

Removal of Overgrown Foundation Plantings –

Sometimes the plants next to your house get too big. Start over with a clean slate, we can get them out by the roots.

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